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The Perfect Stool Understanding and Healing the Gut Microbiome

Jan 2, 2019

On this episode of The Perfect Stool, host Lindsey Parsons interviews Dr. Emily Poccia, a naturopathic doctor practicing in La Jolla, California on naturopathic approaches to gut testing and healing, stomach acid, how to restore a healthy gut microbiome after antibiotics, how to maintain a healthy gut, conditions that may be impacted by the gut, such as mental health issues, brain fog, fatigue and others, and the rise in diagnoses such as SIBO, Lyme disease, parasites and candida overgrowth. We also discuss how new mothers can support their babies’ gut microbiome and how to access alternative health care if it’s not covered by insurance.

You can find more information on your host, Lindsey Parsons, EdD, Certified Health Coach, at High Desert Health in Tucson, Arizona. Lindsey coaches women locally and nationwide on improving autoimmune, thyroid and digestive issues naturally and in losing weight without cutting or counting calories so that they can keep it off for life. You can also follow Lindsey on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


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