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The Perfect Stool Understanding and Healing the Gut Microbiome

Apr 4, 2023

Rich Maurer went on an experimental journey to improve his health with Human Milk Oligosaccharides or HMOs, a prebiotic found in human breastmilk that feeds beneficial bacteria. Through tracking his microbiome using 16s RNA testing, Rich was able to see a significant increase in his and family members’ Bifidobacteria and Akkermansia muciniphila, and concurrent improvements in their health, including improvements to IBS-D, asthma and acne, lower LDL cholesterol and  triglycerides, and reducing hemoglobin A1C from prediabetic to optimal.

Lindsey Parsons, your host, helps clients solve gut issues and reverse autoimmune disease naturally. Take her quiz to see which stool or functional medicine test will help you find out what’s wrong. She’s a Certified Health Coach at High Desert Health in Tucson, Arizona. She coaches clients locally and nationwide. You can also follow Lindsey on Facebook, Tiktok, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest or reach her via email at to set up a free 30-minute Gut Healing Breakthrough Session.

Show Notes